Recent Works

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CDFApps extended teams build high-load systems and applications for global companies. We design reliable, efficient, and scalable software that handles large volumes of data requests and backend computations.


CDFApps provides the safety and security of your data is critical to safeguarding your business as a whole. That’s especially true when it comes to payment data. Personal data like account information is valued by thieves and the prize that fraudsters seek in data breaches

Mobile App development

Here at CDFApps, we love to take your idea, put it through a full-cycle mobile application development process and turn it into business value. Having already helped develop cutting-edge mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms.


CDFApps VR studio builds custom VR solutions for enterprises that operate in logistics, advertising, education, and other industries. We offer end-to-end enterprise VR, AR and MR production from concepts to prototyping to solution development and deployment.


CDFApps has massive experience in blockchain technology and its dominant platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. We help companies build secure enterprise solutions with the most efficient distributed ledger technologies.

Business Intelligence

CDFApps helps companies build, deploy, and maintain secure business intelligence solutions. Our engineers create scalable and manageable software using a full stack of business intelligence technologies and tools.

Cloud Solutions

CDFApps delivers outsourced cloud-based solutions to global enterprises and well-funded startups. Our dedicated development teams build secure, scalable cloud infrastructures, data science applications in the cloud, and more.

Internet of Things

Connected things are changing businesses, organizations and product development. We help companies and startups adopt IoT strategies and technologies;connect sensors, devices and machines; and benefit from the opportunities of the digital world.


User Interface and User Experience are about efficient, engaging and purposeful experiences, so customers will be willing to use your product persistently. Our UI/UX designers will ensure that your product logically flows from one step to the next, selecting the best approach to solving a specific user problem.

Software QA & Testing

CDFApps software testing services allow companies to scale testing capacity with minimum effort. We help enterprises substantially reduce the cost of downtime between releases and deploy additional testing resources during project’s peak loads.