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We are CDFApps

With years of experience in custom software development, we offer businesses, large and small, software development services along with cloud & SaaS expertise, and mobile app creation. We deliver unique solutions, combining the most advanced web technologies, modern UX / UI design, and digital marketing tools.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to automate and streamline your business processes

Personal Approach

We have specialists in many areas of business, from small Retail to Large Distribution. Our Team will carefully assess your business to see if we can offer you a solutions that will simplify your operations and optimise your internal processed to increase your productivity and growth.

Bespoke Development

No matter how big your business ambitions are. Days when small companies couldn't afford in house development are long gone. We can offer you a range of products tailored for your Business that will make your business not just look professional but functional, tailored to your needs and most of all - affordable.

Intersystem Integration

In the chaotic world of millions of applications available on the market, there is hardly any software that comes out of the box that meets ALL business requirements pushing small businesses to operate multiple systems. We develop seamless integration and make systems talk to each other, saving time and cutting down on re-entering data and errors down the line.

Web Design & Development

We promise not to offer you WordPress or any other “Template” website. Your Business Face is your home page and we will make it stand out of the crowd and make your customers want to visit it again and again. We create a balanced strategy for your product and shape its structure, features and UI to eliminate the gap between the human brain and the digital application.

Efficient Dedicated Team

We provide fully dedicated, scalable and stable teams, ready to join your project on a remote basis. Benefit from engaging with keen IT professionals, where you maintain full control over their management and are provided with visible and transparent project progress control. Our offshore software development team adapts smoothly to your requirements, practices and corporate culture.

Software Architecture

Efficient software architecture acts as a blueprint for the future solution and is a critical factor in developing long-lasting, maintainable and extendable products. Our experienced Software Architects provide consulting services for existing and new systems. CDFApps's engineers are committed to employing the best practices to ensure quality, performance and maintainability of your product's success.

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Recent Works

We love what we do, check out some of our latest works


CDFApps extended teams build high-load systems and applications for global companies. We design reliable, efficient, and scalable software that handles large volumes of data requests and backend computations.


CDFApps provides the safety and security of your data is critical to safeguarding your business as a whole. That’s especially true when it comes to payment data. Personal data like account information is valued by thieves and the prize that fraudsters seek in data breaches


CDFApps has massive experience in blockchain technology and its dominant platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. We help companies build secure enterprise solutions with the most efficient distributed ledger technologies.

Business Intelligence

CDFApps helps companies build, deploy, and maintain secure business intelligence solutions. Our engineers create scalable and manageable software using a full stack of business intelligence technologies and tools.

Cloud Solutions

CDFApps delivers outsourced cloud-based solutions to global enterprises and well-funded startups. Our dedicated development teams build secure, scalable cloud infrastructures, data science applications in the cloud, and more.

Software QA & Testing

CDFApps software testing services allow companies to scale testing capacity with minimum effort. We help enterprises substantially reduce the cost of downtime between releases and deploy additional testing resources during project’s peak loads.

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